My given name is ELMI,I came from Malaysia under ASTS Programme sponsored by University Science Malaysia and Public Service Department in Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia.I gone through Master course in TUT until last december 2004,currently working on Phd Course. I was exposed with Engineering field during my junior high school(technical college in penang)in Mechanical Engineering and then continue for certificate in Manufacturing Technology at Polytechnic Alor Setar.Soon after completed,I got scholarship to abroad to Technical College Japan.Spending around 2 years for Japanese Language Course at University Technology Malaysia for that purpose.In 1994,first time came to Japan through Narita Airport and spent 3 years Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at Kisarazu National College of Technology in Japan before continued another 2 years in Iwate University for completed my first degree.In 1999,joined Japan ALPS electric in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan as Tooling Engineer until 2002 october.During engaged with Engineer work I has been offered from University Science Malaysia for ASTS programme. Currently, appointed as ASTS fellowship at Mechanical Engineering Department in University Science Malaysia, Engineering campus.


IEEE Computer Society, ̩ز

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